Sunday, October 21

A "Wicked" good time

We went to Chicago for our anniversary last week and we had a blast. Got to see the play "Wicked" and all I can say is WOW. If you ever get a chance to go see it please do so. It is awesome.

Thursday, October 11

What up all???

Just realized that it has been quite a while since I posted... What is going on in my life? Good question... Not a lot really. Getting ready to celebrate my 10th anniversary with the wife. Who would have thunk it. We are going to go to Chicago for the weekend. Our plans are to go see the play "Wicked" and then see the sights. I also plan to eat at Giordano's at least once. Hopefully I will get some good pictures. See you soon

Sunday, September 16

Colts 22 - Titans 20

Had a blast. Will write more later. OK it is later and I have finally come around to writing more. The weather was perfect. The crowd was incredible. When the Titans were doing well you could feel the stadium vibrating. It was awesome. I have been to several Colts games in the RCA Dome and while it is an experience I would have to say I like the outdoor stadium better. I am hoping the new Lucas Oil field will be as awesome.

Saturday, September 15

My Nephew Connor

My nephew Connor and his bestest bud Diego

weekend in Nashville

Visiting Nashville to go see the Colts - Titans game this weekend. Having fun now just sitting round the house. Kassie got to sleep on the air mattress with her GaGa last night and had a grand time. I will hopefully post some game pixs on Monday.

Monday, September 3

Visit to Georgia

Well, we finally made it down to GA to visit the family. Had a good time and I will be posting pictures soon.

Friday, August 24

I did it again

Well, I have once again decided to join our schools PTA as treasurer. You can check out that blog at

Tuesday, August 14

On the fence (Or is that IN the fence)???

I have got to be one of the luckiest dad's in the whole wide world. This is a picture taken of my two dolls while they were at a park. Looks like they are trying to escape :-). My oldest will be starting back to school in the morning. She will be in the first grade this year. She is growing up so fast. Oh well will post again soon

Wednesday, August 8

Lovely Kassie

Here is a really cute picture of my youngest daughter Kassie taken at the park

Lovely Kaitlyn

Here is a really cute picture of my oldest daughter Kaitlyn taken at the Louisville Zoo

Tuesday, July 24

Double Congrats to the wife.

I almost forgot to post. The wife found a job.. Whoo Hooo. She will be working at Clark Memorial in IN. Should be an exciting, scary time. But fun.

New Pictures

Well as promised from the other day I have finally gotten around to posting some pics from the new camera. This is a picture of the girls at the park the other day going down the slide together. They had so much fun.


I absolutely hate the fact that that they are wasting so much time and money "Improving" interstate 64 in KY. For a whole month they have shut down 19 blocks of I-64 between 22nd st and 3rd st downtown. What does this mean?? Well if you have to commute to the East side of Louisville from Indiana then it means you might as well add an additional 30-60 minutes onto your commute. It sucks.

Friday, July 6

New Camera

Well, after much deliberation we finally have a new camera. For some reason the camera we had developed a minor flaw. The shutter button just quit working right. Almost as if a spring inside broke. you can still push it in and it auto focuses but to actually get it to take a shot you have to press really hard.

We have been longing forever to get a nice digital SLR but they are still a little cost prohibitive, so we decided to go with something small and compact. We ended up getting the fuji finepix Z5FD. The camera is very nice in size (About the size of a pack of cigarettes) and has tons of features, however the picture quality was just not that good. I mean this was a 6 mega pixel camera and the pictures from our old 3 mega pixel were better.
We ended up taking it back and getting the Fuji S700. Much better camera IMHO but it is a little bit bigger. You can see details on it here.

For a little over $200 it is the best value on the block..

Oh well that is about all for now. I will take some pictures here in the next day or so so you can see the quality.

Wednesday, June 27

Congrats to my wife

Just wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of my wife. She has graduated from nursing school, taken her boards and passed. She is now officially Jennifer Evans, RN. Of course, now she has to find a job . :-) That should be the easy part tho.

Sunday, June 24

So much DRAMA

This week has been a week of drama, and believe it or not, this has been a good thing. For starters I took the wife to see the Lion King on Thursday. On Friday we got to go in the morning to see our daughter Kaitlyn perform in her drama camp performance. That night my wife and I took Kaitlyn to see the NAHS production of High School Musical. After seeing the movie umpteen million times I knew the story well. It was very surprising to note that they have added a few new musical numbers and added a couple new characters. Overall I was impressed with the production until I realized that I was watching High School kids, then I was blown away. I remember back to my days in High School and I just don't remember the production values being so good. Even with limited space the sets were awesome.

Drama Camp

All last week my daughter had the opportunity to take part in the NAHS drama camp themed around this years production of High School Musical. They got to learn impromptu skits based on HSM as well as a dance and the song "We're all in this together" for the finale. If you have kids and get a chance to enroll them in camp I highly recommend it. The drama director said it best. "Taking a kid to a camp like this is like taking a non-swimmer to a pool or lake. " It allows them to see something they have never seen before.

OH, BTW if you look at the front row you will see three girls. My daughter is the one on the right.

Friday, June 22

Hakuna Matata

Took the wife last night to go see the traveling Broadway production of Lion King and it was awesome. If you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend it. Be careful where you sit though. The Grand tier is normally a good place to sit but in the case of the Lion King the orchestra is a much better location, especially if you get an aisle seat. The cast actually comes out into the aisles and some of the take the stage from the aisles. Truly awesome spectacle.

Wednesday, June 20

My Brother, Sisters, and Me

Thought I would throw up a picture of the family. From left to right is my sister Patricia, my brother Chuck, my sister Charlene and me. This was taken at my Mom's funeral on 6/9/2007 at the cemetery in Hatfield IN.

Tuesday, June 19

What's on my mind

Actually I am just trying to keep things current and fresh. My oldest daughter is in theater camp for High School musical and she is having a grand time. We get to go see her perform on Friday. I will post pictures then.

Saturday, June 16


Let's be realistic. With the exception of a few films, (Empire Strikes back, Aliens) most sequels suck. This movie however makes up for all of the suck sequels I have ever seen.

I would have to say that this was probably the best movie I have seen all summer. The pace was perfect and the comedy was hilarious. The only part that dragged was the scene where Johnny is chasing the surfer right after the wedding and that was only because I had seen it so many times in the teaser.. I highly recommend this movie *****

Friday, June 15


Do you have kids? If so, do you ever want to strangle them??? I just picked them up and my oldest is whining because I won't go to the gas station and get her "Gummy worms".... You would think at 6 years old she would be beyond the stage of needing a nap in the middle of the day but I am not so sure... Oh well on a happy note tonight is date night. going out to see the new Fantastic Four movie. I will let you know how it is.

Thursday, June 14

Good Grief Charlie Brown

These are my two favorite little girls at the Charlie Brown Museum in Santa Rosa CA. We visited there in May and had a grand time.

Thursday, June 7

In Loving Memory

For those of you who did not know, I lost my Mother on June 6 2007. Here is one of the last good pictures I have of her before she started to lose her health. She is with God now.