Sunday, September 16

Colts 22 - Titans 20

Had a blast. Will write more later. OK it is later and I have finally come around to writing more. The weather was perfect. The crowd was incredible. When the Titans were doing well you could feel the stadium vibrating. It was awesome. I have been to several Colts games in the RCA Dome and while it is an experience I would have to say I like the outdoor stadium better. I am hoping the new Lucas Oil field will be as awesome.

Saturday, September 15

My Nephew Connor

My nephew Connor and his bestest bud Diego

weekend in Nashville

Visiting Nashville to go see the Colts - Titans game this weekend. Having fun now just sitting round the house. Kassie got to sleep on the air mattress with her GaGa last night and had a grand time. I will hopefully post some game pixs on Monday.

Monday, September 3

Visit to Georgia

Well, we finally made it down to GA to visit the family. Had a good time and I will be posting pictures soon.