Tuesday, December 30

My trip to Panama (Not Florida, Think Canal)

Holy carp. I forgot completely to tell you all about my trip to Panama City Panama. We went for a wedding and now we want to stay forever. If only I could figure out a way to make it work... Here are a few pics.

Sorry for the absence

Wow, over 2 months since my last post.. Seems like yesterday. I have been on Facebook so much I forgot about the blog. Had a pretty good Christmas. Got the wife a new camera (Nikon D60) and she loves it. Of course now my hard drive is filling up faster than the Titanic filled with water...

Saturday, October 11

My Junior Cheerleader

My daughter had the opportunity to cheer with the New Albany High School cheerleaders. This is a big event for a second grader and she had a ball. And to top it all off the game she was cheering at went into triple overtime and lasted almost 3 hours.

Wednesday, September 3

Katies Art Work

I am told this is strawberry shortcakes friend. Honey pie pony but I think it is really blueberry sundae

Tuesday, September 2

My girls at the Bats game

For those of you unfamiliar with Louisville we have our own AAA baseball team "The Bats" they are the farm team for the Cincinnati Reds. This team has given me the opportunity to watch the likes of Deion Sanders and Felipe Lopez. Anyway we got an opportunity to go see them a few weeks ago and the girls had the chance to "Run the bases" Of course Daddy had to help Kassie.

Sunday, August 10

Chillin at the zoo

I am so in love with my girls. They are the greatest. They went with their Mom yesterday to visit the zoo while I was at work. I wish I could have gone.

Friday, June 13

Theater Camp 2008

Well, another year of theater camp has come and gone. This years theme was Kids on Broadway. Overall a very good camp, but not near as fun as the "High School Musical" camp last year. Still our little girl has had a lot of fun and is growing up so fast. I staged this photo but it did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I got her up on stage after the performance and threw up the confetti that had dropped during the production. I think the wife was too far away when she took the shot so it was a little grainy. Still she is soooo cute.

Thursday, June 12


Well, it is official... Gas has just gone over $4 a gallon here in Sou. IN. I passed a gas station today for lunch and it was 3.94, passed it again on the way back and it was 4.16. I don't even mind so much that gas is going up.. what bothers me is that it jumps 20+ cents at a time. Will it ever end?

Friday, May 2

Peter Pan

Our elementary school did a performance of Peter Pan this year and my baby girl got the role of Tinkerbell. She was soooo cute.

Sunday, April 27

Long time again

Well, I just realized that it has been a few months since my last post. What is happening in my life?? Well as you can see I did get my tattoo. This picture was taken on 3/1/08 after I went back and got some touchup work done on it. I really, really, really love it. I have also gone back and gotten two more on my back. I will try and get pictures of those later. I fear this is becoming an addiction. I plan on getting another one next week but I am unsure of the design I want. I am thinking of getting a cross, which segues into the next part of my life that has changed. I have actually started going back to Church.. I am really enjoying it. Learning, growing, and meeting new people. Well I am going to go for now. I will try to write more later.

Saturday, March 8

My hotel room

well I guess I need to add a little detail here as well. I was attending the HDI conference in Dallas TX and this is the bathroom in the hotel I stayed in. It was the Gaylord Texan Very nice. It was a self contained city in itself.

where is the monkey

Little backstory on this one. I have started a tradition with my Daughter. If you have seen the cingular commercial you will understand.. It is the one where the daughter puts a stuffed animal in her dads briefcase and the guy takes pictures of it everywhere and sends them back to her. Well now whenever I travel I get the same thing. This time around it was a monkey.

Saturday, February 9


Well, I guess a story should go along with these pictures. I was pulling out of a parking space and this jackass, not even looking, backed strait into me. He gets out of his car, looks at me and asks if everything is OK. I tell him yes, but we still need to call the police. He gets in his car and drives off.. Rat bastard.

Sunday, January 20

Long time

Well it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. not a whole lot going on in my life right now. Just got done watching the Patriots win the AFC championship. Getting my new tat on Wednesday.