Friday, June 13

Theater Camp 2008

Well, another year of theater camp has come and gone. This years theme was Kids on Broadway. Overall a very good camp, but not near as fun as the "High School Musical" camp last year. Still our little girl has had a lot of fun and is growing up so fast. I staged this photo but it did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I got her up on stage after the performance and threw up the confetti that had dropped during the production. I think the wife was too far away when she took the shot so it was a little grainy. Still she is soooo cute.

Thursday, June 12


Well, it is official... Gas has just gone over $4 a gallon here in Sou. IN. I passed a gas station today for lunch and it was 3.94, passed it again on the way back and it was 4.16. I don't even mind so much that gas is going up.. what bothers me is that it jumps 20+ cents at a time. Will it ever end?