Wednesday, December 29


I have to come on here to vent because twitter and facebook are too public. Why are people so damn stupid.

Wednesday, November 3

Wow, long time. I have been out doing installs and have not had a lot of time to post. Here are the latest steps that I have done. Not a lot going on other than work. Will try to post more later.

Monday, September 13

So I was sicker than a dog on Wednesday and did not even get out of bed. That being said I still managed to get 7400 steps per day average. That is in huge part thanks to the 15K that I put in on Saturday at Lincoln Park.

Tuesday, September 7


Words cannot describe how bad I sucked this last week on steps. 2 of the 7 days I did hit my new goal of 8K per day but 4 of the 7 I didn't even hit my old goal of 7K??? What gives.

Wednesday, September 1

Under the Dome: A brief review

So I just finished reading under the dome and all I can do is compare it to Star Trek. Not necessarily in a good way either. One of the things I hated about Trek was that it took what promised to be a really good story, told in the first 35-40 minutes of the show, and completely wrap it up in a nice little bow in the last 5 minutes. For example in one episode they have the Enterprise having it's entire life support system being sucked away by an alien baby and you are thinking it is going to be destroyed. Oh my God, what are they going to do. There are so many ways this story could go, all of which could carry on for several more episodes. But of course they come up with a "Magic Bullet" which solves the whole thing and leaves you asking "WTF". That is kind of the way I felt at the end of this book. I am not going to give away the ending but seriously Stephen... WTF

Tuesday, August 31

So I am getting really tired of being really tired. I am having trouble motivating myself and I am not sure what to do. As you can see I am not really making my goal (Although I did average 7500) and starting tomorrow I have to up it to 8K. Not sure if I am going to make it or not.

Monday, August 23

Steps Steps and more steps

Friday and Saturday were days at the fair. I was even good and watched what I ate.

Monday, August 16


Even though I did not get in a full 7K on Saturday I still averaged 7409 steps per day for the week. I am slowly getting there. I figure by the end of the month I should be able to do 7K easily.

Tuesday, August 10

So I have failed yet again in my 7K steps plan. Although I thought I was going to make it. Found out however that the pedo goes from Sun thru Sat for the week. I put in a ton of steps this last Sunday the 8th playing catch up but it doesn't count. Maybe next week will be better.

Monday, August 9


Oh yeah.. Going to go to the dentist today. Drilled and filled and possible the good old root canal. I can't wait.

I think I made it

After the install I am pretty sure I made my steps. I will have to wait until tomorrow to upload them.

Friday, August 6

Gotta STEP it up

Went out on an install in Milan TN. so I did not get a whole lot of steps in. I am gonna have to average 8400 steps a day over the next three days to hit my 7K per day average goal. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 3


I really wonder if I weighed properly on my initial weigh in. On that day I was at 278 I just weighed in at 261. It may be that I was just off of lunch that day or I may have misread and was actually at 268?? Not sure but I am happy either way. Will keep you all updated.

Steps and stuff

So I have failed a little bit in my goal of 7K steps a day. Here are my results from last week.
I have done a better job of cutting back on the sodas. Still haven't been able to kick coffee but it is only 3-4 cups a day. Way better than all of the cokes I was drinking. I will try and see what, if any, weight I have lost.

Wednesday, July 28


Well I finally got my steps uploaded and missed by just a few. 6390 was whet I got yesterday but I had 7926 on Monday so I am still on pace for a 7K average.

Tuesday, July 27

I was Right

Well, I hit the scale and came in at 278 That is about where I expected to be. I have been a pretty good boy today.. I had one coke with lunch (24 ounce cup, but take out about 6 for ice) and I will prob have a 12 oz can with dinner. Will let you know about the step count tomorrow.

I'm back

So I have heard that a goal is not a goal until it is written down so here I am. I have made the decision to lose a little weight. How much you ask? I am shooting for 50 pounds.. How long am I going to take to lose it? I figure about a year.

This blog is where I am going to keep track of my goal and my plan is to post something every day.. that being said I ask you to help hold me to it. If you read this blog and see that I am not posting then please contact me and tell me to get back to it.
Step 1 of my goal: Actually weighing my fat ass in.
  1. I am guessing I am in around the 270 -280 mark but I am not even sure.
  2. I will go upstairs to the weight room and weigh at lunch
Step 2 of my goal: Cutting out sodas

Step 3 of my goal: Steps
  1. I want to average 7000 steps a day for the first 4 weeks.
  2. After 4 weeks (9/1/10) I want to increase to 8000
  3. Every month thereafter I want to increase by 1000
That is it for now.. I will post later today and let you know what the weight is and how I am going on my goals.