Tuesday, December 27

Period 1 2012

Period 1 Begins
ROC/AROC Requests
12/27/11 Processed 16 roc/aroc requests
01/03/11 Processed 07 roc/aroc requests

Wednesday, December 21


Added HSP info to P2 guide.
Reviewed mod 1 on profit and determined that printing will not work the way we want it to.

Friday, December 16


P2 completed today.
also built laminate for 6 cheese cheesesticks

Monday, December 12


Processed 42 ROC/AROC certificates
East Division Call
2 hours on sweetstick shoot and build

Friday, December 9


Took photos and built laminate for 8 inch sweet sticks.
Completed HIPAA course
Completed the topping master course.
Reviewed action plan courses for Mike

Thursday, December 8


Built out laminate for Taco Pizza
Began work on P2
reviewed module 8
Fixed issues in P1
1 hour on Flash

Wednesday, December 7


Finalized again the P1 course.
East division call
Funeral home for T. Lewis
1.5 Hours of Lynda training on Flash

Tuesday, December 6


Reviewed the WCCE course on profit and provided feedback to DL and WN
Completed oven tending masters course
Completed oven tending masters post test

Monday, December 5


Processed 4 ROC certificates.
Finalized P1 course and guide.
Intro to oven masters course completed.
Pre Test oven masters course completed.
Completed first three sections of masters course


Worked on bookends for module 1
Handled 4 ulearn issues.
Left early for traffic


Reviewed module 5

worked on bookends for module 1

Ordertaking masters course completion