Friday, August 31


P10 Audio Import
Posted UK Course
Updated China Dough management course
Met with Jon Wolske

Friday, August 24


P10 Photo Shoot
Taleo LMS Review
Mindleaders review of food safety

Thursday, August 23


Made corrections to China DM course
Rework on P10
20 questions with Bill Lawless

Wednesday, August 22


Completed China DM edits and posted to test site for Sherry and Judy
Started major work on P10 ulearn course
Completed review of the staffing storyboard

Tuesday, August 21


NYC Reports for ULearn
P10 Guide 85%
Redid pics for poppers
Completed Self Eval
Left at 3

Monday, August 20

Friday, August 17


Lms review and edits
Coaching storyboard
Discoverlink call to renegotiate contract

Thursday, August 16

Wednesday, August 15


Ran reports on NYC training for Herman, Jeanne and Dean
Started P10 course edits with Evan

Tuesday, August 14


Attended Midwest call
processed and mailed 43 ROC/AROC certificates
Conference call with discoverlink over LMS

Monday, August 13


Reviewed Landon's approach to telling aint training
Completed DOC read on P+L
Assisted Landon with questions on TGM call
Compiled MEGA report for Herman in NYC

Friday, August 10


Oracle LMS review
Doc Read on Coaching
Started build on PJU Laptops

Thursday, August 9


Updated the laminate layout guide
Attended FAC Meeting
Review online LMS and determined it is dead

Wednesday, August 8


Finalized China DM with exception of 1 file. Waiting on input for Sherry.
Presented at FAC Op's sub committee

Tuesday, August 7


Processed 48 ROC/AROC requests
Ran reports for NYC ulearn percentages