Thursday, March 14

Monday, March 11


Fixed MOOLAH and broke it all at once
Midwest call
OPCON slides update for Roger
Loaded P4
Worked with Shelly and hooked up her laptop

Friday, March 8

Tuesday, March 5

Friday, March 1


Plugged pictures into moolah course and synced everything. B

Thursday, February 28


Created 88 questions for AROC quiz
Pictures for delivery moolah

Wednesday, February 27


Completed trek design for opcon
assisted Leigh Ann with flash
Updated P4 with 11 any
Created P4 Canada
Got Jennifer and Katie new phones

Tuesday, February 26


Finalized P4
Completed 85% of audio edits for PJOTR
Edited pizzas for PJPT
Edited audio for delivery moolah
Purchased trek outfit

Monday, February 25


Finalized P4
Assisted with ulearn issues with 20+ team members

Monday, February 11


Visited Shelly at TGM location.
Finalized all but page 1 of moolah course.

Thursday, February 7


More stuff for food prep
Edits to pizza toping
worked with Josh to edit pizza topping
audio for moolah
masters and servsafe
Updated 2 modules of transition

Wednesday, February 6


Edited Pizza topping.
Updated prezi for PJU
Created worksheet for PJU
Created PO for sound equipment.


Edited pizza topping