Tuesday, July 24

Double Congrats to the wife.

I almost forgot to post. The wife found a job.. Whoo Hooo. She will be working at Clark Memorial in IN. Should be an exciting, scary time. But fun.

New Pictures

Well as promised from the other day I have finally gotten around to posting some pics from the new camera. This is a picture of the girls at the park the other day going down the slide together. They had so much fun.


I absolutely hate the fact that that they are wasting so much time and money "Improving" interstate 64 in KY. For a whole month they have shut down 19 blocks of I-64 between 22nd st and 3rd st downtown. What does this mean?? Well if you have to commute to the East side of Louisville from Indiana then it means you might as well add an additional 30-60 minutes onto your commute. It sucks.

Friday, July 6

New Camera

Well, after much deliberation we finally have a new camera. For some reason the camera we had developed a minor flaw. The shutter button just quit working right. Almost as if a spring inside broke. you can still push it in and it auto focuses but to actually get it to take a shot you have to press really hard.

We have been longing forever to get a nice digital SLR but they are still a little cost prohibitive, so we decided to go with something small and compact. We ended up getting the fuji finepix Z5FD. The camera is very nice in size (About the size of a pack of cigarettes) and has tons of features, however the picture quality was just not that good. I mean this was a 6 mega pixel camera and the pictures from our old 3 mega pixel were better.
We ended up taking it back and getting the Fuji S700. Much better camera IMHO but it is a little bit bigger. You can see details on it here.


For a little over $200 it is the best value on the block..

Oh well that is about all for now. I will take some pictures here in the next day or so so you can see the quality.