Monday, October 31


Processed 15 roc/aroc certificates
Worked on Door Hanging Audio
Updated Masters course completion spreadsheet

Thursday, October 27


Updated 16 Inch portion charts to 14 inch for non trad
Assisted Non Trad team with images for Love field powerpoint presentation.
Final review of door hanging course.
Final review of P12 Course
Final review of P12 Guide

Wednesday, October 26


Posted Canada training to papalink
Corrected Sausage and Peppers laminate and posted to papalink
Worked up pricing comparison to see how we can save money with FedEx
Built out door hanging course
Layed groundwork for P12 course.

Monday, October 24

10/24/11 Start P11

Processed 18 ROC certificates
Reviewed Course 6 and made changes to uniform standards

Friday, October 21


Tested OLO course on profit
Edited Pictures for Noel for cheese test
Delivered laminates to campus restaurant
Created slide show for Canada webinar
Processed audio files for Shawne Moorman
Updated certificate request form with current date
Updated planning calendar for period promotions

Thursday, October 20


Worked on laminate items for viatech.
Updated masters courses for promtions
Tracked down papalink access for Canada stores
Mocked up photos for David Noel
Made updates to store standardization list.
Added Better better not car top sign to papalink
Built out laminates for 14 inch non trad

Thursday, October 13


Sent Mike Prentice a copy of 6.27 for BOA info. Also spent day working on Canada website

Wednesday, October 12