Wednesday, July 28


Well I finally got my steps uploaded and missed by just a few. 6390 was whet I got yesterday but I had 7926 on Monday so I am still on pace for a 7K average.

Tuesday, July 27

I was Right

Well, I hit the scale and came in at 278 That is about where I expected to be. I have been a pretty good boy today.. I had one coke with lunch (24 ounce cup, but take out about 6 for ice) and I will prob have a 12 oz can with dinner. Will let you know about the step count tomorrow.

I'm back

So I have heard that a goal is not a goal until it is written down so here I am. I have made the decision to lose a little weight. How much you ask? I am shooting for 50 pounds.. How long am I going to take to lose it? I figure about a year.

This blog is where I am going to keep track of my goal and my plan is to post something every day.. that being said I ask you to help hold me to it. If you read this blog and see that I am not posting then please contact me and tell me to get back to it.
Step 1 of my goal: Actually weighing my fat ass in.
  1. I am guessing I am in around the 270 -280 mark but I am not even sure.
  2. I will go upstairs to the weight room and weigh at lunch
Step 2 of my goal: Cutting out sodas

Step 3 of my goal: Steps
  1. I want to average 7000 steps a day for the first 4 weeks.
  2. After 4 weeks (9/1/10) I want to increase to 8000
  3. Every month thereafter I want to increase by 1000
That is it for now.. I will post later today and let you know what the weight is and how I am going on my goals.